When morrow comes


When you speak under the moonlit sky, your words whisper the untold stories it’s rays glint

In this melodious tone, I see my dreams unravel in the flickering flame of desires

I close my eyes and hum along the rhythm of the whooshing air with all the fervor

A surge of electricity runs through my soul, so intense it makes me forget the truth

When the light sinks down a little, it takes away the clouds blurring my thoughts 

Somehow I strive to scribble them out loud before I drown, again, in this magnetism

Then dawns upon me the malediction that cages your passion and my zeal

When night descends and come morning light, I’ll know you as the stranger from the past..



Oh, deceit


The fragility of the rope

On which your existence dangles

Forces you into thinking 

About the quivering ripples

That will surge through your soul

If the knots of lies and lust unravel

And break the tethering force of your sophistry.

Leaving you exposed,

To uncover raw emotions 

The shock, the hurt, the damage you caused 

You know you’d want to trace your steps back

Erase the deceit and start over

But you’re also familiar

With the intensity of your cowardliness  

The shackles of which you can’t break through

So you move forward, not turning around

Carry on with the chicanery

And find another soul, but with a pure heart

On which you can land 

when the strands of your rope cut off